Custom Puch intakes PHBG & SHA

I'm having the bottom of these intakes machined, I will probably pick them up in a few days...

Here is a mockup of the intakes, the tubing is ~20mm internally... the round tubing where the carb mounts up will depend on the dimensions you want for your carb.

They'll work with PHBG and SHA Dellortos.

Anyway, I'm thinking $25 shipped anywhere in the US.

For probably about $15 more I can powdercoat it the color your want.

Re: Custom Puch intakes PHBG & SHA

- Summerai - Christine L /

Might want to hold off on posting

till you have the finished product.

Just sayin..

Re: Custom Puch intakes PHBG & SHA

Yeah I thought about it... Just wanted to see if there was any initial interest.

Re: Custom Puch intakes PHBG & SHA

Robot intakes!

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