Albany, NY: Moped Wanted

I live in Albany, NY and I'm looking to buy a moped in my general area. I don't mind going for a bit of a drive. Get in contact if you have something for sale.

Re: Albany, NY: Moped Wanted

Fish tits Krauthamer /

does NYC encompass your general area?

3 hour drive or so?

Re: Albany, NY: Moped Wanted

Check craigs in your area Also there are some MA members in your area

Western mass to or Hudson valley I saw a few there myself happy hunting

Re: Albany, NY: Moped Wanted

Yeah, NYC would be in my general area.

Re: Albany, NY: Moped Wanted

email me Jesse, there are several of us in Albany who ride and restore mopeds, mainly Puch. You just missed our rally!

Maybe we can make you one from the N frame that Jesse007 is gonna sell me in rochester ;P

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