why so much?

Re: why so much?

yes thats stupid expensive.. that shouldn't be more then $800 here in SF.. and thats AUstin.. lol..

I mean i saw a super sweet fully custom maxi sell for $850 with an 80cc reed a month ago in SF..

also a orignal magnum that only had 19 orginal miles on it.. super clean.. basically brand new for only $1200 on ebay.. so yeah $2500.. someone is smoooking crizackk

Re: why so much?

oh an i like how he gave the address.. someone is going to fucking rob that dude.. hahhaha

Re: why so much?

whenever i'm home in dallas i do cl searches of nearby places to see if any mopeds pop up. i've noticed that mopeds in austin are always outrageously expensive.

Re: why so much?

LOLZ, very true tim.

Re: why so much?

yeah stop by and fucking rob me and rape my gf.. hahahahaa.. what a fucking dummmbasss..

ok now im smoooking crizack but the thought of this ad has made me go insane with the craziezz

Re: why so much?

yeah i was thinkin the same thing

i was like hmmm time to CL

then BAM! 2500 i was like WTF!?

ahaha someone should call him and tell him that its never gonna sell

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