Tomos/Puch 70cc Polini

So, I know it's discontinued, but I thought, if anybody would know, you guys would. Is there anywhere I can pick up a 70cc Polini kit for a Puch/Tomos (I have an A35 I'm looking to throw it on).

If anybody has one in GOOD shape, let me know, or any potential leads on where to purchase one new(ish).



Re: Tomos/Puch 70cc Polini

Ok, about this--can anybody guess at the displacement on this one? I sent a question tot he seller, but we'll see.

Re: Tomos/Puch 70cc Polini

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

thats a regular polini, 64cc. I highly doubt anyone stateside has a 70cc polini, or at least I've never seen one mentioned in almost 4 years of playing with mopeds. That said, the 64 is such a great kit, I don't know how the 70 could be even remotely better.

Re: Tomos/Puch 70cc Polini

Funny, I was just coming to say she responded and said it's a 64cc.

I've heard the now-discontinued 70cc kits were fantastic. Seems like, if they're the same company, great reviews both ways, why not look for the extra 6cc? It doesn't sound like a lot until you consider what you're working with to start...

Re: Tomos/Puch 70cc Polini

if it even exists and you can find one, the cost will not make it worth it i'm sure. just get the 64cc polini and be happy.

Re: Tomos/Puch 70cc Polini

that lady is a great seller...i have dealt with her before with great success..send her a message she will usually knocked 10-20 bucks off the price sometimes

Re: Tomos/Puch 70cc Polini

Pablo Puchasso /

The polini 70 was piston port... I'd go 64

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