WTT/S In New England(CT) Puch Newport Frame+Parts!

Pic 1, thats just dirt, havent even cleaned it yet. 1978 give me your offers via here or email: nmklop96@yahoo.com

Located in Connecticut


Second Photo, box of parts, Etc

Some of these parts I will be using for my Magnum, The E50, not pictured is going to be bolted on the Mag ;3

Send offers to my email or here, nmklop96@yahoo.com

Will trade for something nice, give me offers, running mopeds, magnum parts, aftermarket puch stuff. and if you can pick up the frame, just cash would work.


The moped the parts came with :)

Both frames are about 40 off from each others Vin#, same color, same year, 1978

This ped is not for sale or trade, might be in the future though.


Forgot to take pictures of spoked rims

I got three wheels i think they have the break assemballys and speedometer gears

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Re: WTT/S In New England(CT) Puch Newport Frame+Pa

Where's my water? /


Re: WTT/S In New England(CT) Puch Newport Frame+Pa

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