FS Free Spirit parts

Parted out my 78 Free Spirit.

Heres the list

Frame. good condition, decent silver paint $75

Forks. worked fine, some scratches $40 ( frame and forks are still together, so will make package deal)

Seat. Pretty decent, a couple real small tears. $35

Fenders, nice chrome. I sanded and painted the underside black. $20

Tank. Nice inside, has petcock that works. $25

Handlebars. good chrome. $25

Free spirit/magnum stock exhaust good shape. $15

Also have...

Maxi spoke rims. Rear rims are missing one spoke. Not bad shape otherwise. $50

Maxi forks. Good shape, rode nicer than most. $20

Stock Maxi single seat. Foam is good, someone took the cover off tho. $15

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Willing to accept offers, or maybe a trade for stuff... Puch CDI, 5 stars, ect

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

† CH∆D † /

did you get the seat dood?

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

finally emailed you back.

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Chad... Yep got the seat. Thanks again! I'll get you a pic of the bike as soon as it's back from powdercoating!

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

replied to all emails


Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Tank sold

Fenders sold

Maxi wheels sold

Free spirit forks sold


Everything else still fo sale

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

dan henkleman /

Legit dude, I've purchased stuff from him. Good seller. Free bump yo.

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Thanks for the kind words sir

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

does it hav the cool swingarm? if so dibbs!

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Swingarm is gone.

I'm posting pics of whats left tonight

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Maxi seat... $15. Totally recoverable. Foam is great!

Free Spirit seat. Decent shape. $35

Free Spirit rack. Strap is there... It DOES haul an 18 pack of boosh light! Done it several times!!! $20

Maxi air filter. Missing bolt, but the rest there. $10

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Free spirit rack... Hold and 18 pack of beer! Done it! $20

Free spirit seat. Decent, no rust on the pan and the studs are good. $35

Maxi seat. Totally recover-able. Great foam. $15

Maxi fender. $15

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Try again

Maxi fender $15

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

my photos dont want to work.

heres a link to photo bucket. damnit


Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Test once again

Free spirit frame. Forks, fender, rim gone already.

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Heres an updated list of what I got

Maxi forks, have the clamp style triple tree top for unlimited handlebar possibilities. Rode good, but still scary maxi @ 50mph. Good for a lighter dude tho. $20 plus ship

Maxi single seat. Pictured above. Some fool peeled the cover off. $15 plus shippin

Free Spirit frame. Frame only, no swing arm or forks. $75 plus ship

Free Spirit/magnum style handlebars. Nice chrome. $20 plus ship

Free Spirit seat. Theres a pic up there. NO rot on the pan, decent cover but not perfect. $35 + ship

Stock Free Spirit pipe. Good shape. No serious dents or rot. $15 + ship

Free Spirit rear rack. Good strap. Hauls beer. $20 + shipping

I got more stuff I gotta go through, ask I might have something off a maxi or free spirit.

Re: FS Free Spirit parts

Emailed about exhaust & stuff

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