too complicated for me wants to start but just doesnt turn all the way over, sometimes it starts with starter fluid.

comes with title

want a puch please?


Re: indian

sorry its an indian chief AMI-50

Re: indian

bumpity bump

Re: indian

If you weren't all the way over in Texas, I'd trade you for my Murray... but you're so far away.

Re: indian

does the murry have a title and ohio isnt that far but i dont have a car aha

Re: indian

any running titled trade offers

Re: indian

anyone have an extra maxi in texas or near texas?

cmon please ahaha

Re: indian

What would you sell it for?

Re: indian

how much you willing to pay?

i need money for a maxi

Re: indian

dont run but is cool will trade


Re: indian

nahh I really want a titled runner

Re: indian

Seriously dude, you are dreaming to get a titled running maxi (or any ped for that matter) for that 4 stroke hunk of junk. Saw someone else that said you bought it for fifty bucks. Take it to ebay and sell that shit. Then come back with the little money you get and add your own cash to buy one. No one on this site who has any brains will trade you a titled bike for that thing. That is a horrible bike.

Re: indian


Re: indian

if it had mags, i dont see why thats too unreasonable. that one doesnt actually look that bad. i like the blue.

Re: indian

yeah its in suprisingly good condition i dont see why im being flamed so badly

Re: indian

jordan nichols /

ill buy just the frame for 50$

Re: indian

indians, like jawas and kinetics, have a bad reputation on here. usually, the flamers have not actually owned one, but hear everyone else talk shit and echo it. a lot of that here.

that being said, here's what you got going for you, IMHO:

great condition

pretty bike to begin with

"indian" name = $$ from dumbshits on ebay


4-stroke honda clone = slow

no real performance capabilities

parts hard to find

*as mentioned, bad MA reputation

my advice (and i think someone else mentioned) is to clean it up 100%, ebay it, and get another moped, like a more common puch, vespa, honda, tomos, etc

OR: run what ya brung. fix the indian. the runner you buy today will be a non-runner eventually. best to learn how to fix 'em. they all break.

my 2 cents worth.

Re: indian

Kevin up there has good advice.

See your trying to sell this ON A MOPED FORUM

Most of us know a little about bikes, and most of us would run like hell from that.

Ebay that shit to someone who thinks its a INDIAN motorcycle moped ( trust me there are tons of shitheads out there that will argue that this bike is from the original indian factory in springfield mass..Dont argue with them , just take thier money and run from this miserable thing.

Id take a jawa or a kenetic over that any day. I have seen over 10 of those things and ive never seen one of them run.

Re: indian

jordan nichols /

50$ for frame email me

Re: indian

He's asking $800 on craigslist.

For a non running indian.

Also says no low-ballers.

Probably the funniest thing ever. LOLOLOLOLOL

I'll give you $200, and pick it up.

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