FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

I thought I would allow someone the chance to take away my ped. I dont need to sell it but I have some projects on the back burner that I could use the money for.

I will try to be brief on the details.

2400 miles, I am the original owner with Certificate of Origin, and owners manuals both keys(tank,fork lock).

Nothing but Synthetics have been run in the trans and the gas.

35w/35w headlight.

oil injection removed

64cc Airsal, case matched and polished, intake gasket matched to Polini reed block( 1 month old)

JCams 20mm Mikuni tuned correctly, KNN cone filter

Technigas Chrome pipe

New rear tire( 1 month old)

31 tooth front sprocket with magneto gaurd(keeps it clean and dry)

20 tooth rear currently installed (52mph but takes longer to get there with 6'0 235# rider)

Will also include 22 tooth rear and chain(much better accelerating and 48mph)

Plastics have a few cracks in them none of them really ugly though.

Everything works the way its suppose to. Needs nothing. Done right. I pull out of my drive and peg the throttle for 2 miles straight without even a hiccup.

Pics with saddlebags but not included.

Need $1200 to let it go. Way more invested but cheaper and better than a new one

there are some older pics without the carb here but it still looks the same





Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

Just looked at the pics and video. Its is a bit dirtier than it used to be in those old pics and in the video, as like the saddlebags, the GPS and camera mount are also NOT included. shoot me an Email. No trades sorry.

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

OMG I WANT THIS!!! too far n too much : (

nice bike though

good luck on sale!!

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph


I really love those engine fairings.

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

sweet bike. Hope it goes as fast as it rides

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

thanks, fairings actually took very little massaging.

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

I rode this a couple years ago while picking up a Motobecane - (which was converted to the Not-o-Becane by Nate). Fast fast fast.

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

Hey martin whats up, glad to hear Motobecane still doin it.

At the time you rode this it was sporting a stock intake with a 15:15 dellorto. you should ride it now itsa mucho better faster.

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

wants to be ridden,

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

B. P. Gretenhart /

whoa. ugliest targa lx ever

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

dude holy balls!! sounds crazy. wish i could make the trip. it'd def be worth the money

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

Lulz. The targa LX may be the ugliest moped ever created, but this one sounds sweet. If you part it im intersted in the motor. You can keep the motor fairing.

Free bump.

Re: FS: Ohio Tomos Targa 50mph

bumpn uglies

***** SOLD *****

New owner just time warped away on ped.

Thanks all

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