WTB: Wiring Harness

Does anyone have puch wiring harness. I am looking for one with 9 rows. OR Where do I buy one of these new ???

Also looking for a chrome puch guia switch

Please help

Re: WTB: Wiring Harness

I have a set or 2 of a complete 1 speed wiring harness. email if interested. I can take pics.

Re: WTB: Wiring Harness

Home depot, lowes, ace, etc. Very easy to find

Re: WTB: Wiring Harness


this is a terminal strip, is this what you're looking for?

Re: WTB: Wiring Harness

Tate in Madison /


I would hardwire if I were you.

To each his own I guess.

Re: WTB: Wiring Harness

I got at least 2 kinds of new old stock Puch Wire Harness. One is for detachable gas tanks. I need to see the amount of wires and colours. They have been wet and the terminals turned green, but a brass wire brush should clean that up. The coil wires may be missing.I need to also check to see if the tail light harness is there.$12 each shipped or trade. If you have moped related stuff to trade, that would be best, since i prefer to trade.If you want to trade, let me know what moped stuff you got to trade. Here is an Attachment of a picture of the Wiring Harness and other moped parts i have for sale or trade.


Re: WTB: Wiring Harness

Hardwire? What does that entail?

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