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Alright all, I have a ton of stuff that needs to get moved out of my garage. Ill try and list most but Im sure Ill be forgetting stuff. Im in the northwest burbs of Chicago, about 45 minutes away, and can deliver if needed. Ill try and get some more pics up as soon as I can, but basically all my ped stuff will be up for grabs and VERY negotiable prices. I also have some Honda CB750 and Yamaha XS750 stuff if any of you guys got some motorcycle projects going too. Everythings in the Lake Zurich/Palatine area. I may have pics of the Peugeot if you look up my previous posts.



Needs some minor electrical work for lighting, new pedal arm (or pedal arm bolt), throttle cable, brake adjustment (maybe shoes), and carb. I can include a knockoff 15mm delorto if ya want it. Its a very rare ped and in good shape. Belt+chain driven like older peugeots and mobys. Large 23in wheels if i remember correctly. Very neat. post ww2 steel gray blueish color. Check older posts for pics, until i can repost. Its a very rare bike, I have yet to see anything else like it locally, but need cash and room in garage.

looking for 250 OBO no title, but will provide Bill of Sale

1979 Honda Express

Lime Green, brown and white seat (no rips). Gas tank is rust free, everythings there, but it does need some work. Headlight, handlebars, controls, etc, are all off the bike currently. Motor cranks over but wont properly dissengage. However I also have tons of extra parts including an extra bottom end, cylinder heads, exhausts, innertubes, etc. take it all and get a great running, reliable bike. This bike does come with a good, clean, Illinois title. I gotta look around to find it but I also have the PA50 big bore cylinder head kit.

looking for around 300 OBO

1978 Sachs Seville

This is the fun one. Athena 80cc Kit reed valve kit, OKO 21mm Carb, Boysen Carbon Fiber Reeds, Custom 21MM intake, Cafe seat, LED tail light, Drag Bars, Custom expansion chamber, metal backed clutch discs. This in its prime when it was running properly was good for 55+. Kept up with cars on my way to work where the speedlimit is 55. Unfortunately, the crank snapped on my a while back and I never got around to completely fixing it all up again. Took on some cafe bike projects instead and its been on the back burner since then. Its white, frame and swingarm with black forks, bars, headlight housing, and rear fender. Paint is very beat up now though. relatively new rear tire, and good brakes. But it will need some work to get running again. I have a new motor installed, with a good crank, all portmatched for the athena kit. I had it started a few weeks ago, but never had it running properly, had a sputtery idle and didnt wanna stay alive. I havent adjusted the timing or carb at all though, so that was kind of expected. I also have the stock seat, bars, reflectors, brakelight, etc if ya wanna put it all back to stock. It will need some new washers and cotterpins on the rear brake arm, a decent amount of rewiring to the handle bar switches/main harness (not hard, but time consuming), new fuel valve, drive chain(I have it somewhere, but its currently MIA), and decompression cable. I also have TONS of extra parts such as cases, stock c/d cylinders pistons, extra 80cc piston, gauge cluster... Along with purchase, if ya want it, I have everything in a bin for a 2-speed manual swap except the shifter itself. I have the case, crank, etc, but you gotta figure out how to get it back together. I know it needed new bearings or at the very least a few new balls. no title

Looking for 450 OBO for ALL of the Sachs Stuff I own

Extra Motorcycle stuff:

82 CB750

frame, wheels, swingarm, shocks, everythign except body (tank, seat, lighting, bars) and Electrical. Complete motor is being parted out if ya need parts alone.

Make offer for anything

80's 125cc suzuki dirtbike

Complete roller, no motor. Lifan motors has stores on ebay that sell complete motor, carb, trans, shifters, wiring harness, etc for around 350 shipped. Just need a few welds for some mounts and its a fun little project. Thats what I was gonna do.

Looking to get $20 OBO

1977-79 Yamaha XS750

Lots of extra parts, side covers, bolts, battery tray, tranny parts, engine parts etc.

If anything interests you shoot me an email at,

or call or text at (847)337-0091.

Call anytime. If i cant answer leave a message and ill get back to ya. again everything is OBO! I gotta cut losses, clear space, and get some cash together for school again next month... Ill work on pics, but if ya really want them shoot me an email and ill send em your way. Im not on here much anymore but ill try to check it more regularly. EMAIL or PHONE work best.

Thanks all,


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