FS: Moby 70cc parmakit (BAY AREA, SF)

yes im selling my project that I have had a bitch of a time with... i am not expecting any of you to buy this as who wants a project with $500 in new parts and an extra frame..

willing to ship greyhound or fedex.. those are cheep but dont know how much it will cost or the prep time..

prefer local pickup..

if you want to see the dirty check out this thread.. you'll see all the BS i am going through with this bike and why my GF cant take it anymore.. she just wants it gone.. asking $400 obo.. basically make me a deal minus parts i have for it..

$300 with no extra frame or extra 21mm phbg... this seems fair to me as it still runs and drives.. just needs a tuner who wants to pimp out a and break in a moby for cheep...

$400 obo (you get the whole lot)

$300 just the ped no extra frame or 21mm phbg

$350 no Brand new 21mm phbg ( i kinda want to keep this for my magnum)

hit me up.. let me know your offers or opinions.. as I am throughly frustrated with mobys i just cant take it anymore..


Re: FS: Moby 70cc parmakit (BAY AREA, SF)

i might beintersted in the moby ill shoot you an emial.

Re: FS: Moby 70cc parmakit (BAY AREA, SF)


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