FS: 96 Kinetic TFR (PDX)

Have a red 1996 Kinetic TFR here. I'd prefer to sell it locally as a whole, but can part it out if necessary.

Runs okay, but has a leaky float (seems they all do). Everything works, including turn signals. Key is also included.

Minor damage to the lens on one of the rear signals, and one of the pedal cranks is missing (sheared off), but it's probably cheap to replace.

I'm located in 97215

Re: FS: 96 Kinetic TFR (PDX)


Re: FS: 96 Kinetic TFR (PDX)

I know this is a long shot but do you still have the "instrument" box?

It holds the speedo, ingnition, and headlight.

If so how much for the box the ignition (if it has keys) and the headlight?

I dont need the speedo or the horn or any other electrical.

Thank you,


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