need honda c70 passport parts (michigan area)

i have a clone moped from the honda c70 passport and i need some new parts for it. i need the white shield that goes on it, some new forks and a new front wheel with rim.

if anyone can help please let me know

also a battery too

please let me know

thank you

Re: need honda c70 passport parts (michigan area)

aw u crash?

Re: need honda c70 passport parts (michigan area)

i let someone use it and they crashed into the back of a truck so now i have to replace all those much needed parts :(

Re: need honda c70 passport parts (michigan area)

You can buy a new leg shield for $40 at, it's the one for 1982-83 Passports.

Batteries are easy, just get the number off the old one and call a Batteries Plus store, I'm sure there's one in Grand Rapids.

You can buy all the rim parts new at dratv too, but it'll be expensive and you'll have to either rebuild the rim yourself, which is difficult, or pay a shop to do it, which is kind of expensive. Better to find the wheel and forks on Ebay. There's no guarantee that actual Passport forks will fit the clone, but they might.

Did they somehow manage to break all that stuff but not break the front fender? If so, that's amazing, those chinese plastic fenders break if you even look at them the wrong way.

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