Misc things for sale

1) puch biturbo baffle is broken internally, but still works great

2) K&N filter for the Del SHA

3) Hi flow bing filter

4) puch airsal kit. seized, nikasil missing in 4 spots, quite evenly actually, no piston

5) 70cc hi comp head. maybe 50 miles at best

6) Dr. Pulley 6.5 gram weights. maybe 20 miles of use

7) magnum cylinder, exhaust stud broken off, but broken externally and should be cake to remove, piston, no rings

8) kstar cylinder, larger ports, i had one of these kits up to 55 with a boss, no piston but i have a ring for it, both kit and ring have about 50 miles or so

9) normal everyday puch low comp head for your puchy needs.

make offers, like most id perfer not to ship but will.



Re: Misc things for sale

How much for the filter?

Re: Misc things for sale

which one?

Re: Misc things for sale

Sorry, the Bing

Re: Misc things for sale

sale pending for 70 hi comp and bing filter. ill letcha know if it doesnt go through dude

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