Vespa Ciao Rigid 1974 Teal (So Cal) CA $250 PIX

1974 Vespa Ciao Moped

For those of you who want to make a rad racer project. I have way too many peds. That was my plan but I need to downsize.

I mean who doesnt want a teal green ciao with pink grips. It gets the ladys.

Some after market light off some off road jeep or something. I would take off the light and just make it a track bike or something.

I have the paperwork and its currently licensed. 19$ and the transfer paperwork which I have, will make it yours.

Motor will need some tuning up, its pretty slow currently. Lights work and tires hold air.

Email: Robbyasneo(at)

Onto the pictures

Re: Vespa Ciao Rigid 1974 Teal (So Cal) CA $250 PI


That thing is so neat.

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