Tomos A3 Sprint For Sale (So Cal) CA $250 PIX

1977 Tomos Sprint Moped

A3 Motor

2 Speed Automatic Transmission

Dellorto Carb, Custom Intake

It does run, but needs to be put back together. Has almost all the parts to do it, minus some brake cables and tuning.

I have the transfer paperwork 19$ and mail it in, a new license plate and paperwork will be sent to you.

Will need the square post seat.

Priced to sell,

email: Robbyasneo(at)

Pictures Below

Re: Tomos A3 Sprint For Sale (So Cal) CA $250 PIX

Also forgot to add,

Has a brand new Meteor A3 Piston with rings in it. Zero miles on it, just put it in when I went through the motor, the old piston broke the rings when I removed it.

40.00 value included

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