wtb: (i know...) c70 frame

if anyone has one laying around...

idea for my sa kit minarelli this winter :/ i like c70s but i wish they were as fun as mopeds

already made a craigslist ad

emails please

Re: wtb: (i know...) c70 frame

derek from black pipes moped gang 🌧 /

Tom, what? why?

wtb: (i know...) c70 frame

Think I have one at my brothers, not cheap to ship though

Re: wtb: (i know...) c70 frame

Tate in Madison /

In all reality dude any jankyard should have at least a dozen of them.

Re: wtb: (i know...) c70 frame

actually just found a great red frame and some pit bike forks that will work out. got a few choices on swing arms too

thanks guys

derek: why not?

either that or a lifan.. but i think the sa kit will be more fun

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