Need Mobylette seat parts

Hey here....I have a 87 Moby that I am trying to put a long seat on.....right now it is just sitting on the bike as you can see.

I need the front bracket that goes in the body of the bike...

I have the original saddle seat and it is in good condition...but I am too old and like the comfort of the long seat...

Hope someone has one...

Thanks...Jimmy in NC


Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

Attached is a picture of what I got. The front mount with the stem holder..gotta grind the original bolts off..and the rear mount if you need it..


Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

Hey...thanks for the quick reply about the seat brackets...I included a photo of the seat....I am pretty sure the back bracket is the right one for you think the front one will attach to the front bolts? See white circles around the bolts in my photo...I could probably make it work it looks like....if a photo of where it attaches to the seat might be helpful if it is not a pain...

How much do you want for them counting shipping to Asheville NC 28806? I think the PO could handle that with their 3 day shipping package.

And if you take Paypal...could do that quickly...or send you a Postal MO if you like.

Thanks so much...Jimmy


Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

You got to have more than one mounting bolt in the front..atleast 2. I have a beat-up post that I can send along with everything. $13 via paypal and you got a deal. Paypal is my email. Thanks.

Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

TJ....just sent you the 13.00 to

Thanks...Jimmy in NC

Re: Need Mobylette seat parts will be out either Monday or Tuesday. Thanks.

Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

No...thank you.

You don't happen to have a bracket that holds the variator clutch shield do you?? Need one bad.


Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

Nope sorry..I have the variator shield though.

Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

Hey it was worth a try...wished I had contacted you never know...may need more parts soon as I get further into this bike...would love to have a AV-88.

Going to head over to my 82 year old mechanics place now and see when we can work on the Moby...later TJ

Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

Handybikes has the two parts needed for the variator shield bracket. I got mine from BJ about 6 weeks or so ago. I have a post on here somewhere with the two part numbers you'll need.

Re: Need Mobylette seat parts

Hey...thanks Nick...I think I saw it somewhere but assumed the bracket came with the shield....WRONG !!!! Wished I had written it down now the numbers you had given out...but I think BJ will know the numbers when I call him monday....I hope....may start looking now...I think I typed in Variator on this forum and got it earlier.

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