fs 84 cobra. brooklyn

i'm still taking offers on my 84 cobra. tank was painted yellow but whoever is buying this will most likely want to custom it out and paint it anyways. everything is in great order. no top end but again. this bike will be getting a kit on it for sure. frame seat forks everything is in great awesome shape.

no shipping. only pickup.

Re: fs 84 cobra. brooklyn

oh and tank is coated on inside no rust.

Re: fs 84 cobra. brooklyn

so no pipe cylinder no carb? stock everything else?

Re: fs 84 cobra. brooklyn

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

just the tank?

Re: fs 84 cobra. brooklyn

i can throw in a stock top end and i could prob dig up a stock pipe . i have an extra bing 15 lying around too. and yes it's a stock bike cept its got racing tires.

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