2 Honda Express'/ NC-50's Green and Yellow

I don't have any pictures on me, but they are in great shape. The green one is a little nicer.

I call them grasshopper and honeybee.

Two 1978 Honda express scooters. Both are 50cc and both run great. Grasshopper has beand new tires and tubes. Honeybee had new tires and tubes at the same time but i rode that one the most. The bikes go about 25-30 mph and get between 120-130 mpg. Green one has 1200 mi, and the yellow one about 1700. They have been properly taken care of and come with some spare parts: two new batteries, front wheel and brake assembly, complete motor and transmission assembly, extra footpegs, and some other stuff i may be forgetting. Both bikes are complete, the parts listed are included with the sale I was planning on putting an 80cc kit in the extra motor and see how fast i could get it up to but i just cleaned it up instead.

I have used synthetic 2-stroke oil in them since i purchased them. They both have clean and clear ohio titles in my name. They both also have historic registration, which i will transfer if you pay the fees (i think it's just a few bucks)These registrations are good for another 49 years.....yes, 49 more years. I have a truck and can help with delivery for a small fee.

I have both original bill of sales from 1978, and the auction listing that the last owner went to in order to purchase them.

I am looking to buy a new scooter and i'd like to sell these first. I have a couple of pictures but you would really be better off coming to look at them. Give me a call to figure out a time.

Price: 1500obo

614 397 6934 text/phone

raymond_chammas@yahoo.com e-mail

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Re: 2 Honda Express'/ NC-50's Green and Yellow

Never run synthetic in these older oil injected systems. Synthetic oil is usually thinner and will continue to drip past the oil pump after the motor has stopped running and it will flood the bottom end full of oil. Bought 3 bikes with this same issue.

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point taken, lowered the price. Been away from the forums a while. Keep in mind, both have clean clear titles, records from when they were bought, and have been properly maintained.

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i have not had that problem.

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