WTB: Tomos A55 ST Seat

Ok I have had the hardest time getting any straight info as to whether or not it's even possible but im looking or a new style Tomos step-through seat to put on my LX. The LX seats suck especially if your a bigger guy like me, I was hoping to find someone locally to test and see if it fit first but i can't find anyone in my area who has one. so

I figured I'd post this and make an offer to anyone that's got a good one sitting around, I'd like to get it for $30 shipped, which i know is a little low but I figure with no guarantee thats about as much as I'm willing to risk for a potential failed attempt.


If there IS anyone near me in Orlando/Oviedo FL, who wouldn't mind giving up their time and moped seat for curiosity for about 20 minutes so I could be certain, please let me know.

Re: WTB: Tomos A55 ST Seat

you know it gunna cost about 15 bux just in shipping. so a new seat for 15... dunna kno bout that :-/

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