WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

I'm looking for a Kreidler Flory tank. Not tooooo picky on condition, I can make it work.

OR anything that is the exact same size. Thanks.

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

hello im jay from


anyway my good friend mark,at marksmotorsports

in enfield ct has plenty of kreidler tanks

they might not say flory but they are stock for mp9

the flory is the european version so consider yourself lucky if you have one

hes got tanks i know it

give him a call or email


tell em tha'don sent ya!

keep kreidler'n

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I have had 6 florys, they are not euro...florett is euro

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

I have an orange one with a couple little dents and spots, but overall OK. You can have it for the price of shipping.

I'll get a pic if you need.

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

Tank has a gnarly ding on its right side but the rest is nice chrome is excellent. Make a decent offer or else it will remain here as wall art, haha.

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

hate to horn in on this thread.. paxton needs to take his pick of which tank he wants first, for sure.

but do either of you offering tanks have the petcock that goes to the tank? i've been having a hard time finding the right thread for my flory. thanks in advance, ya'll

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

Petcock is gone - also, Salty's tank is in better shape than mine.

Re: WTB: Kreidler Flory Tank!

what other flory parts do you people have

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