WTB: Bravo front spoked wheel

I had to use some parts from mine, plus mine was all rusty and pitted. i want a bravo front wheel, spoked, 16 inch. preferably in decent shape, obviously needs to come with brake/axle hub as well. anybody looking to get ride of one/help me out?

email me, thanks guys.

Re: WTB: Bravo front spoked wheel

it could really be any front spoked wheel at this point. if you do some measurements we can figure out if it'll work, but they're going on peugeot forks. yep. so peugeot is good too! but i really am only looking for 16 inchers.

Re: WTB: Bravo front spoked wheel

Tony montana /

i have a shit load of 16in rims, ill dig out a nice one if interested....

Re: WTB: Bravo front spoked wheel

Jimbo Grand Daddy /

Shoot me an email. Jimbodaddy74 (at) g mail dot com. I still have a pair nof Bravo wheels.

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