Feeler: WTT Puch Maxi N Rigid for Hobbit (SE MI)

I snagged a rigid maxi project recently and am just getting everything on it to make it a running bike. It's not quite completed, but it will be soon, so I thought I'd throw a feeler out there to see if anyone around southeast Michigan would want to do a trade. Deets:

Body: Red Maxi N frame, looks like it might have been rattlecanned at some point. No rust from what I can tell. Tank looks pretty good. Has decals. No front or rear fenders. Has rear rack. No taillight. Has rubber chain guard, and original wheels with correct Maxi N rear brakeplate. Full set of Margura controls, headlight.

Powerplant: Came with a 1hp E50. I have a #22 2hp cylinder and matching head, painted black. I still have the original cylinder and head, which are banged up, if you want to have more original parts or something. 14mm bing carb + 14mm intake. Stock maxi exhaust with custom mounting bracket setup. Stock air box complete with white tube for ultimate air restriction.

So like I said, I literally just got this bike a few days ago, am going to make it run correctly, and don't really want another Puch in the stable. I'm very very interested in a well-running Honda Hobbit PA50II or a 1980 or later one (which is also a PA50II, of course...). CDI is a bonus. Can be stock or modded, as long as it RUNS WELL.

This is just a feeler to see if anyone has interest. Shoot me an email. I will have pictures in a day or two. The bike could be running as early as tonight. We can meet halfway within reason, too, like 150 miles or so?

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Oh it also has the original 12mm carb + intake. If you combine these with the 1hp cylinder and head, you can have a very very slow moped of your very own!

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Terrence Trent GARby /

i checked that bike out about a month ago. It looked nice in the pics but in person the paint was pretty dull. Looked like it used to be yellow at one point but it is a solid frame.

Re: Feeler: WTT Puch Maxi N Rigid for Hobbit (SE M

I might be powdercoating it soon, either way.

Re: Feeler: WTT Puch Maxi N Rigid for Hobbit (SE M

damn dude

i would consider a trade.

i suck at responding to emails. maybe next time i am in town.

maybe some one else will hook it up before then.

i could get you the hobbit loren rode in cionci with a notched vario.

Re: Feeler: WTT Puch Maxi N Rigid for Hobbit (SE M

Yeah maybe if you responded to my chats or emails EVER. :) Talk to me online when you see me, bengry. I'll have this bike running by the end of the week if I can get a long drive-side chain. Once it's running well I might start getting itchy powdercoating fingers. Just shout at me.

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