Gorgeous low-mile Magnum tastefully modded

Hi Everyone,

I'm considering selling my silver Magnum II. I bought this basically as an NOS bike (had something like 60 miles) that was stored forever in a barn. When I got it, I added NOS hydro suspension around (MKII) and polished up everything really well. There was a little surface rust on the chrome from sitting but it cleaned up well.

I installed a Polini kit, 15 bing, and a proma circuit pipe. I did not case match, I didn't have the heart to cut into the motor. New petcock. Everything else is stock. Right now it has about 300 miles on it. It looks gorgeous in my opinion, seat looks as-new, and it's all detailed up. All covers and warning stickers, even the original air pump. Inside of the tank is mint. Shifts great.

It does need tuning. It runs, and goes well in it's powerband, but it does need tuning / rejetting. It does have a few small chips here and there to be expected with age and a very slight pucker in the tank from a knee (didnt break the paint) that could easily be removed (shown in pic). Otherwise it's very nice. I do not have the original cylinder / carb / exhaust, I used them on another bike years back. But, I could get another setup and make the bike stock for less $$ if wanted.

I have alot of cash invested in this between the bike, suspension, and perf stuff. Asking $1450 obro as-is or $1100 stock. Also will take another stock Puch in on partial trade, but i'm selling because I could use the cash. Serious inquires only please, email me direct ayrikzr1vet@aol.com Thanks!


Re: Gorgeous low-mile Magnum tastefully modded

Here is the inside of the tank


Re: Gorgeous low-mile Magnum tastefully modded

Another pic


Re: Gorgeous low-mile Magnum tastefully modded

One more pic of it. I forgot, the bike is located in Mass. I'll deliver it to Mass, CT, RI, southern NH, southern VT, southern ME for free if I get my asking price and a deposit.


Re: Gorgeous low-mile Magnum tastefully modded

Bump for a nice bike :)

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