1980 yellow honda express $85

needs put back together, i did a lot of cleaning and ect on it, now some simple stuff needs put back together, yours for $85

Re: 1980 yellow honda express $85

Do you have an air filter on the bike ?

Re: 1980 yellow honda express $85

a homeade one yes :)

Re: 1980 yellow honda express $85

I am having trouble finding a filter for mine

any suggestions ?

Re: 1980 yellow honda express $85


Go to an auto parts store that sells air filters for lawnmorers and such, they offer a small one that is about an 1.5 inches in diameter, shave off some of the inside of this until it fits, then get a hose clamp that fits around it, and for the end that is open, for a cool touch, glue a clear piece of plastic over it, like from one of those things suar cookies come in ect

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