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I am in need of a 26mm exhaust header for a 1978 sachs, 49cc engine. It exits on the left side of the bike. My original exhaust was a 21mm but I put on a larger carb and need the larger exhaust pipe now. I only need the exhaust header pipe because i believe I can reuse the existing muffler can't I?

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Tony montana /

is the muffler 26mm or 21mm? im not sure how much the header will help with the stock muffler...doubt it will fit either.

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the muffler is 26mm. what sachs did was install a restricted pipe on the 20mph bikes. it is 26mm inlet where it attaches the the cylinder and then it is narrowed down to a 21mm pipe that is bent out and back and just before it goes into the muffler it is increased back to 26mm. I am assuming that is the only restriction in the exhaust between a 20mph model and a 30mph model. I was thinking the 30mph models were more common than the 20 mph models but have no idea really.

Re: exhaust header

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