peugeot 103 fs. kzoo

Bike was running (with some issues) before I took the motor off. I am willing to sell the bike the way it sits now for the right price or I can put it back together if thats what you want.

I have

nos cases

nos flywheel

nos electrical

newish used roller crank

new fag bearings and seals

nos clutch and internal parts

malossi sha intake

sha carb

plus some other stuff

If you want the bike the way it is let me know what you want to pay for it, if you want me to get it running let me know what you want to pay for it.

If you are just going to kit it out the I dont want to wast my time putting it together. if you want me to build it for you with any performance parts I can do that also.

email me at wheliwalkr @ hotmail dot com


Re: peugeot 103 fs. kzoo

how much for both dogs shipped? :-)

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Re: peugeot 103 fs. kzoo

To. Hit me up on the Facebook with a price.

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madeleted nitronick /

I also have all of the original engine parts crank, flywheel, electrical,cases. you could almost build a second motor, the only thing I don't have is a tail light lens.

you could take the extra cases and port them for a 3 transfer kit

Re: peugeot 103 fs. kzoo

I guess Im going to start putting this thing back together

Re: peugeot 103 fs. kzoo

bump. my goal is to have this running by sunday.

the only problem it had before was the flywheel kept slipping on the crank which ruined the taper so I got a new crank and a new flywheel I have the bottom end together with the new bearings and crank so it should all be running by this weekend.

Re: peugeot 103 fs. kzoo

This bike is back together and starts but doesn't run very good because of an airleak it needs a rear break cable and headlight lens it needs a different shim for the carb to fix the air leak, I would like to get rid of this now!

I have roughly $400 into it with the new parts, it will need a little more work to be good to go

if you want it for that you can have it and all the extra stuff I have for it

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