WTB: random moby parts (some generic parts too)

I'll update this thread here and there but right now I'm looking for a rear moby hub. I have the two sprockets, or at least I can salvage them off the hub that I have, but everything else seems like a lost case. So basically I'm looking for the hub, axle, brake plate (don't need the pads, getting new ones anyways). AS long as the axle is true and the bearings aren't too horrible it's ok. I don't care if it looks like it just survived an apocalypse. I'd rather spend a bit less money and spend a bit more time restoring.

Also looking for a headlight. As long as the lens is ok and whatnot it's fine. Doesn't matter if it's rusty or ugly on the outside. Going to get stripped and painted anyways. Also preferably would like it to come with a socket that fits them tower LED lights. Not sure what the specs on that are but I'll look into it.

That should be it for now me thinks.

Re: WTB: random moby parts (some generic parts too

Hey guys, just to clarify, I'm not looking for the square moby headlight, just a generic round one.

Re: WTB: random moby parts (some generic parts too

Also looking for moby steer tube.

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