Feeler wtt minty le moped for vespa

so im feeling this italy or die business.

looking to trade for an equally nice variated vespa, ciao perferred. but im totally just wanting italy fun! talk at me

stuff about the moby,

sidecovers included!

speedo drive blown, who saw that comin.

ALL lights work score!

horn does not work.

will shock you if you hit the killswitch and then touch the switch while its dying, i havent been shocked since i figured it out though, easy to avoid.

4ball vario. whoaaaaa

15mm intake with 14;12 sha bored out to 14

new belt

6 star mags not perfect, paint chippage, but you were going to repaint anyway right?

a little rust to clean up but as you can see, its HOTTTT

Re: Feeler wtt minty le moped for vespa

Super nice Moby! Not Quite Minty Though...

Re: Feeler wtt minty le moped for vespa

true. minty to me and for a moped at least. seat is GORGEOUS btw.

bumpity bump bump

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