foxi deluxe side panels

Looking for a set of 1978, foxi deluxe, plastic side panels. Anyone? I will pay... Im in Austin TX, and it's been a rainy month, so not much riding without them;-)

Re: foxi deluxe side panels

you can rid with out them just put a SHA on it with a kit i drive my foxi win it rains hear

Re: foxi deluxe side panels

i have a set i want 35 bucks for. They are hard to come by.

Re: foxi deluxe side panels

yes yes yes how can we do this? where do you live? i will pay $35 fo sho:-) money order? same day or next day? and i'll pay shipping. you can call me 512-351-1178 and we can arrange... thanks so much, i've been looking for a long time, everyone says they haven't come across them in ten years... man that's cool............

-Sincerely Billy Black-

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