WTB: Honda PA50II variator

Looking for a pa50II variator, preferably 6 roller or if anyone has a TJT variator that would be swell. Mine got destroyed when my crankshaft snapped. You'd be surprised at how well those things bounce at high rpms. Also if you're looking for some nice 5-1/4" 2 way door speakers I could trade those. I've got a pair of JBL and JL audio speakers that have never been used, taken out of the box once only to find out they wouldn't fit in my truck. Ya'll probably wouldn't want to trade moped parts for car audio stuff but hey, I'm just throwing it out there.

Re: WTB: Honda PA50II variator

bump bump bump it up

and yeah, don't worry about the speakers, I can do cash or paypal.

That is unless you want some pretty sweet speakers

Re: WTB: Honda PA50II variator


Re: WTB: Honda PA50II variator

i have one. email me.

Re: WTB: Honda PA50II variator

email sent

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