WTB: 36z sprocket

italian 36z rear sprocket

anyone got em?

been looking for a while. handy bikes is out and moped junkyard too

Re: WTB: 36z sprocket

I got a 46. ha ha!! I knew the General wouldn't be fast enough for ya Tom. I'm still looking for a 15.15 carb.

Re: WTB: 36z sprocket

oh no, the general is perfect right now! besdies those brake switches.. im just going to hard wire it. waiting on new tires

drilled out a 14.12 to a 15, made a nice airfilter and slapped on an estoril.. widened the exhaust port a little and matched the intake to the carb. i got tons of front teeeeeeth sprockets

but a 36z would be PERFECT for my sebring :(


i got tons of parts to trade. inquire! mostly minarelli

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