FS: Peugeot / Puch / Motobecane PARTS! PARTS!

Hi Everyone. So I have a ton of parts that I know that people can use and I'm strapped for cash so you get the benefits! E-mail me if you want something because I wont have much time to check this. Everything is OBO so let me know.

SHIPPING I'm going to do a flat rate of $5 on most items (i.e. metra head is heavy). If you wanna get fussy about something then maybe we can make a deal.

Also I love to make deals (No. no trades I'm trying to have less junk.)


Motobecane polini custom 21mm intake for the AV7. $20

Motobecane pedal shaft $10

Motobecane pulley ( no sprocket ) $10

Motobecane fender bracket with some hardware $5

Motobecane Sprocket. $5

Motobecane av7 head. $10

Motobecane AV7 widened intake. For race. $10

Motobecane tention spring. $5

Motobecane speedo drive. $5

Motobecane Throttle. no knarp for the throttle. $5


I think this is a peugeot flywheel nut, yep it is. $5

Peugeot TSM case. $20

Peugeot Polini variator with adjutable weights. Don't have the rest of the weight set but you can buy the doppler ER3 weights and they will work fine. $30

Peugeot Stock Variator (without clutches) $15

Peugeot TSM Magneto. Pretty much brand new. $20

Peugeot pedal chain tensioner. $5

Peugeot TSM spring. $5

Peugeot stator bits. $5


Puch TCCD 70cc Kit with speed dent fins $20. I love this kit it's the best to throw on a unmatch puch engine and blast. (a piston for this is like $50 from 77 & treats)

Puch maxi frame brackets. you can bungee cord stuff to them...or make exhaust brackets for your craaazy pipe. $10

Puch head $10

Puch flywheel covers. speed dented $5. White $10

Puch Metra Head with speed dings. $15

Puch 45th Sprocket. $8

Puch superman tail light lens. $5

Puch stator bits. $5

Puch tailight assembly. No guts to it. Fits pretty perfect on a maxi. I was going to put a LED inside beause they last longer but never got to it. $10

Puch 14mm intake. $10

///_universal moped stuff, kinda_

Freewheel for your know, pedal chains and such. It's pretty fun to spin too, it makes a nice sound. $5

Malossi CDI cover $5

Malossi CDI plate for Motobecane. $5

Euro fender plate. Be the talk of the town with a genuine fender plate. Ladies will adore your plate, the men will feel impotent. $10

RAD FENDER. I've seen this mounted to EBR's pretty easy. $10

Re: FS: Peugeot / Puch / Motobecane PARTS! PARTS!


Re: FS: Peugeot / Puch / Motobecane PARTS! PARTS!


Re: FS: Peugeot / Puch / Motobecane PARTS! PARTS!

_PENDING_Puch TCCD 70cc Kit with speed dent fins $20. I love this kit it

Re: FS: Peugeot / Puch / Motobecane PARTS! PARTS!

make me a deal on the mbk stuffffffff

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