Re: FS Magnum MK2

so 800 for a POS that you have to spend 10000000000 on buying parts if you can find them getting the dented tank fixed recovering the seat painting and so on and still having a frame that has 1000's of mils on

i have redone 5 or 6 peds from shit to amazing and after pounder coting new seals rings carb chroming cables tires brakes sealed barrings and all the little BS it over 1000 and way to much time spent

so i still say it worth more than 1400

Re: FS Magnum MK2

overpriced in my opinion

for 2 g's you could build your own magnum with more than a stock setup.

i would take that 14 hundo and call it a day

Re: FS Magnum MK2

This dude keep talking about ** a pos magnum goes for 800 so one in like new shape should be 2000 or obo or what eva he's saying. Well obvious its not if it had not sold yet LOL

Re: FS Magnum MK2

i love pounder coting

Re: FS Magnum MK2

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

wait wait, it has a chrome carb? awesome!

the reason time spent restoring mopeds never converts into cash or value is because it's a hobby. you're supposed to enjoy doing that; that's what mopeds is.

east coast that's way too much, seen three great shape UPS go for $650 in the past year, and know of two same model/similar shape mag to this one still sitting for $900/ea. maybe someone in long beach/ LA though, try craigslist or ebay. might want to ride it around san pedro enough so it gets in the background of a movie, then you could get 2000.

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