FS/FT 1985 Honda Gyro S

First off, I guess I'll introduce myself. My name's Wes & I ride with the Swoop guys out of Atlanta. Even though this is a scooter, a few of them suggested I post it on here. So...

Here's what I've got.

1985 Honda Gyro S


Odometer shows 12385mi

I bought this off a friend a few months ago, when I discovered it collecting dust in the back of his garage. I had heard of these before, but never seen one in person & was a little intrigued. For those that aren't familiar with it, it's a "trike" of sorts, with one drive wheel in the back (the other is just a "floater") & a pivot built into the swingarm. (Do a YouTube search for them & you can find a few videos of the pivot in action.)

The Good:

- It's pretty rare. They were only made in this country for 2 years (85 &86)

- All original parts appear to be there. All plastic, hardware, ect...

- It's in pretty good shape for a 25 year old scoot that was sitting in the back of a garage for who knows how long. Lights all work. Even came with the key in it.

The Bad: (queue ominous music...)

- *IT DOES NOT RUN* Finally got a chance to take it apart last weekend &, after replacing a few parts (plug, cap, ect) & fiddling with the carb a bit, it's got good airflow, fuel, & spark. It does have low compression though. aprox 65lbs, to be exact.

- It's got the remnants of an ugly weld job on what we assume was a repair to the exhaust.

- A little bit of rust on the brackets holding the front blinkers on.

The goal with this is to get it running and hang on to it for shits & giggles. It's pretty cool, and apparently extremely rare. I figured I would post it up, however, in case there is someone who knows about these & wants to put the time and love into it that it deserves. I like it, I don't love it.

What I'm looking for:

- I'm asking $700 OBO in it's current condition. After looking it over & doing some research, we think this is a fair price. When you can find them, they seem to go for the $1,200 - $1,500 range in running condition.

- I'd also be willing to consider any reasonable trades. (I've seemed to develop a bit of a thing for Targa LXes, but I'd consider anything. I figure this might be a decent option, as we are all short on cash these days & someone might have something that is worth a bit more than what they actually have in it, & everyone wins.

Anyway, here are a few pics of it. Feel free to PM me with any questions/comments/concerns. It will also be at the rally we're having in Atlanta this weekend. Figure it might be a good place to pick it up / swap it out.

- Wes -

Re: FS/FT 1985 Honda Gyro S

Tony montana /

coolest honda 50cc ever made....

Re: FS/FT 1985 Honda Gyro S

Wes is a good seller, someone buy this thing!

Re: FS/FT 1985 Honda Gyro S

Tate in Madison /

These things are ill.

Re: FS/FT 1985 Honda Gyro S

Gunna go ahead and bump my own thread.

Someone shoot me an offer.

Re: FS/FT 1985 Honda Gyro S

I NEED CASH BAD. I NEED cash by the end of the day tomorrow for some bills that just popped up.

If someone can come get this thing today or tomorrow, they can have it for $400 bucks.

I threw it back up on craigslist & figured I'd bump it here as well.

Thanks for looking.

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