FS: Magnum XK 1979

Tate in Madison /

She has been an awesome bike and I had a lot of fun building her but it might be time to move on. I want to concentrate on my MB5 and by derbi builds.

I built her for practical everyday riding. The idea was to do low-mid forties all day and get there fast.

To that end I built her as such:

E50 engine.

70cc Kstar kit with hi c head all with about 300 miles on it.

Proma circuit exhaust.

17mm bing w/ 17mm intake both off of a magnum X.

Massive K&N air filter.

17" 6 stars off of a peugeot.

Low riser bars.

Other stuff I can't remember.

She runs really well and has never let me down.

I am considering keeping the 6 stars and putting the OG spokes back on to keep the selling cost down because apparently they are fairly valuable. If you wanted them to stay on we could talk.

I am thinking somewhere in the $1000 range. I would rather not ebay it but it might come to that.

Clean title in my name.


Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Probably Fred /

Why you sell it ? When you go to buy a another magnum after you miss this one they will be 2x the cost

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Tate in Madison /

Yeah. I am a tinkerer more than anything.

Once something is working proper I lose interest.

Your probably right though.

I will just have to get lucky and stumble upon one in one of my Grandfathers friends barns.

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

us chi-town kidz luv the magnums. I got the same set up on my pinto. What tops speeds are u getting?

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Tate in Madison /

Well I am still technically in this kits break in so I am running rich right now and four stroke at WOT and I haven't run it balls out yet but it will comfortably do 40+ all day.

If you wanted to gear it for top speed and run it balls to the walls I guess I don't know what she is capable of.

But its fast. After a couple seconds you hit the power band and it pulls something fierce.

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Agh I want this

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

that's pretty. e-mailed.

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Jeremy Bradley /

you ever get rid of your Sachs?

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Did you get my e-mail?

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Tate in Madison /

Yes my Sachs G3 found a very good and loving home.

Yes I just got and responded to your e-mail.

I am kind of torn on this one.

I really like this bike but I need money for more builds.

I have like 2-3 derbi builds to work on plus an MB5 build and hopefully a hobbit build.

Thing is though I KNOW eventually I am going to miss my Eva and want one like her.

By the way, her name is Eva. Pronounced Ayvuh.

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

My Step - Mother - In - Law's name is Eva.

I e-mailed you again. Let's if we can't find a way to work this out, I'd take real good care of her.

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

B. P. Gretenhart /

you n pat selling bikes for crazy money. i got my 5 on some CHI kid picking it up.

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Tate in Madison /

Yeah mopeds are super expensive in Chicago so they come up here to barn country to snaggle up the good deals.

I am having second thoughts about selling that derbi revolution chris was considering. I know I must sell it, but its so difficult to let go. They are soooooo ill.

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

love this bike


Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

yah dis chi kid really thinkn. I prolly have about $360 in parts from treats, i never used, i can get a refund on lol

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

Tate in Madison /

Ah someone buy this before I change my mind!

I feel it overtaking my will to sell...

Re: FS: Magnum XK 1979

get back to me I'd like to maybe come pick this thing up today.

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