For Sale: 1978 Puchs X2 CT

Have two 1978 Puchs for sale.

Both ran good two years ago before I moved. They have been stored in a cabin since. Neither runs currently. First is a '78 Maxi Luxe pretty stock. Second is a '78 Maxi that has a 65cc metrakit, proma pipe, and a 18mm delorto carb. Bike ran great before going into storage. Now selling both as just parts due to not having the time to try to get them running. The metrakit has very low miles and was properly borken in. The carb is probably just gunked up now. All new bearings and seals where installed in both engines two years ago. I do not have pictures right now because they are not in the same state as me. I will be down there tomorrow however. If anyone is local to CT and wants to pick them up that would be great. Looking for $350 for both.

Re: For Sale: 1978 Puchs X2 CT

woah 350 for both of them? or 350 each?

Re: For Sale: 1978 Puchs X2 CT

$350 for both of them.

Re: For Sale: 1978 Puchs X2 CT

damn, i wish i wasn't on vacation. i'd buy em.

Re: For Sale: 1978 Puchs X2 CT

email sent

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