FS: Original puch moped cover

Heyhey kidz!

Offered up as part of the ongoing:

Britchez kinda cool shit that ya might not have, but might want to buy catalogue.

- I have a black, nylon, maxi/magnum sized full moped cover that rolls into it's own little storage pouch up for grabs. Originally sold as a puch dealer item. The green and white puch crests on either side are a lil worn and it has a few professional grade repairs. --Think 2 or 3 small 4" tears that were repaired by my mother-in-law who kicks moped ass in so many ways as well as with a sewing machine. Over all a solid 6/10.

Still perfectly functional as a moped cover. Not ragged/beat to shit or full of holes. Crests are worn, but legible. People will know u like puchs and not kinetics or malancas instead. Or be all incognito and stash a jawa under there and feel a lil better about yourself deep down. Maybe use it to unveil your latest puch project to the masses in stlye. Then cover it back up just to be a dick.

As quoted from the fake puch ad I just made up:

"Make your puch maxi or magnum happy. Don't let it get pooped on by a pooping pooper who's out looking for an unsuspecting, purdy ped to poop on. Get this shit instead."

Looking for $40(ish) shipped so I can take the lil lady and her mums out fer some semi-fancy chow and maybe some ice cream. Cuz it's fucking hot. Cuz it's july.

Email me for pics cuz I suck at internets. Or be the lucky guy or gal who snatches it up quickly, unseen and paypals me da funds, while others wait for pics and offer nos pepi horns for it in trade.



Re: FS: Original puch moped cover

is this the one that came with your magnum that your mom sewed? or is this part of the score??

if i had extra cast i would buy this right up!

Re: FS: Original puch moped cover

What the Fu,,,,,,40 for 1 and you guy's say I'm crazy///////////

Re: FS: Original puch moped cover

...ish. I'd take a lil less. But don't wanna get rid of it only to come up with 8 bucks in the end, I guess.

Money is stupid. But I need some.

Dave-yup came with the magnum.

Re: FS: Original puch moped cover

il take it

Re: FS: Original puch moped cover

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for the win!

Re: FS: Original puch moped cover

lot fees! nah, maybe trade one of those clutches for the lot fees, just bring it to ithaca, or do you need $ right away?

Re: FS: Original puch moped cover

Sold. It now belonga ray. Tanx ray.

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