FS: Lambretta 100 Cento

Fresh out of storage. Lambretta 100 Cento. Motor turns over fine I have not tried getting it started yet. Scooter is very original. Located in Sunapee NH 03782

Price is $900.00


Re: FS: Lambretta 100 Cento

Tate in Madison /

Very nice. Very nice.

Dog in the background looks pretty creepy with that eye shine though.

If you were close I would come by and take a gander.

FS: Lambretta 100 Cento

You just looking for cash or are you maybe looking to trade UP to say...a series 2 TV175? I know a really cool lady looking to downgrade(her legs are too short to get around the wide floorboards on the TV).

Re: FS: Lambretta 100 Cento

you should post it to www.lambretta.org in the for sale section, itll sell fast, theres a coupole peeps looking for those currently on there. also brennon dude if your neighbor wants to sell that TV hook me up dude! ill even throw you a finders fee if it happens! I have a really nice 1959 vespa 150 vba that she would LOVE! all mechanically redone and runs like a dream, nicknamed valentine! it was a one owner bike, same lady all her life from new. or I gots cash out right! email me at ericlussier@cox.net

Re: FS: Lambretta 100 Cento

Yep, It's going up on lammy.org next week. She is specifically looking for a smallframe lambretta. STUBBORN! haha. She already has a couple vespas. The lammy was the last piece of her scooter puzzle, until she realized she couldn't ride it.

I'll try to get her to give me a price. I'm thinking it won't be cheap tough, it came from Alex at Casalambretta...so you know she prolly overpaid, but we shall see what she wants for it.

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