wtt 17" puch 5 stars

for nice spokes and some other goody, like good tires or something.

the 5 stars need bearings up front (they were loose bearings), they need brakeplates and axles, too. brake pads, also. i cleaned them up and painted them white with montana spray paint (the good stuff).

send me offers, doggz. i'm too lazy to build 'em back into complete wheels.

Re: wtt 17" puch 5 stars

christopherC@mopedarmy.com is my email.

Re: wtt 17" puch 5 stars


Re: wtt 17" puch 5 stars

† CH∆D † /

you found montana good on em? I painted a frame with it and it went on soft

Re: wtt 17" puch 5 stars

it's all about the layering and spreading evenly with montana. it's a soft, low pressure but strong paint.

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