puch fever?

its a 2hp za50

has been repainted green

needs a carb because it has so many dam airleaks and the float needs to be adjusted.

had it running for a day but now it barely starts its just a pain and im sick of messing with it so ill sell for 175OBO

or trade for another moped or dirtbike or something of equal value..



wont come with the bmx bars and has the stator cover on it also,

and for 10$ extra ill throw in another carb body,carb top, 2 float bowls,and whatever else i have for it..it also has a brand new 64 jet in it. thanks

puch fever?

The first ad you posted was working just fine.

Re: puch fever?

oh im so sorry..

Re: puch fever?

Clinton Millwood /

Definitly...can't see the Pics though, Possible email?

Re: puch fever?


Re: puch fever?

pics are blocked

Re: puch fever?


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