metra 80 small port fs new

ok,i got a puch small port metra 80 to put on my derbi.the only thing ive handled is the piston,didnt even put the rings on it.i put it on my crank to check clearance and it would hit the lazy and dont want to trim the case or piston so im gonna sell it.

$200 shipped in the lower 48 if you pay the paypal fee.

first "ill take it whats your paypal address?" gets it.if you want a picture to see what a small port 80 looks like you wont get it until probably this time tomorrow.

Re: metra 80 small port fs new


Re: metra 80 small port fs new

orangerobin may be lookin for one of these.

Re: metra 80 small port fs new

I will be needing one, but I dont have the dough to sling right now

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