Tomos LX lot

I got an LX that I took apart and started rebuilding, but I am moving soon and I am trying to clear out my garage since the navy won't pay for all of my shipping if it's over their budget.

It is almost complete, I am missing the shocks, wiring harness, seat, and covers.

One thing to note though, I didn't plan on putting the covers on so I ground down the portions of the tabs that mount them.

I am looking for local pickup in Norfolk, VA, might be able to make a deal for the right price though.

it's worth more to me than it is to you, so make an offer and we'll work out a deal.


Re: Tomos LX lot

Box of other stuff


Re: Tomos LX lot

Forgot to take a pic of the swingarm and the forks but I do have them.

Re: Tomos LX lot

Emailed you on the footpeg assembly

Re: Tomos LX lot

thanks josh......wheels gas tank and every other parts sandblasted and being primed...engine seals and gaskets redone.....recorked cluthes....thanks again im going with orange and black paint

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