FS: Motobecane Moped

This is a 1977 French Motobecane Moped

Great Moped for a collector or for everyday use.

I'm willing to sell this for parts, a restoration bike, etc

I really just want to get rid of this moped QUICK and FAST!

$800 Or best offer.. OBO!

3100 original miles, original motor.

Coil and Carb has been tuned and fixed.

(Carb has been fickle though, the float sticks and leaks gas every now and then)

Electronic lights and wiring has been restored.

(Needs a new headlight bulb however)

All cables have been lubed.

Brakes are a little sketchy and could be restored.

Recently been tuned up by a moped company in town as well.

(I have the bill receipt too)

Email me: bryanbabcock85@gmail.com


Call me if interested (410) 804-0358




Re: FS: Motobecane Moped

here's your free bump for a very over-priced machine.

FS: Motobecane Moped

_I really just want to get rid of this moped QUICK and FAST! _

Then lower your price.

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