WTB tomos a3 exhust

looking for an exhaust for my tomos bullet.

looking for it to be rather cheap.

Re: WTB tomos a3 exhust

Tony montana /

i have a stock pipe 20 shipped

Re: WTB tomos a3 exhust

Cant buy it now.

Need to get a coil first.

Gonna get it running before I buy a muffler.

Re: WTB tomos a3 exhust

Tony montana /

dude i have any a-3 bullet part you would ever need, email me....

Re: WTB tomos a3 exhust

I just bought a coil+muffler combo for $30 from a guy parting his out.

But do you have any tubes/tires? mine are dry rotted to hell.

I may send you a few emails in the next month or two as I work on the bullet more and find out what needs replacing.

Thing sat for atleast 20 years so it needs lots of work. ha

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