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Helloooo..I'm in the process of building a puch magnum and i need a bunch of NOS parts. i only have a frame, fork, and swingarm so anything will help. I'm from Canada and I'm flying to LA and SanDiego from the 9th-24th (maybe even going to san fran). so hopefully i can pick parts up in those areas. let me know what you have and how much? it doesn't look like there are any magnums where i'm from, so getting it locally is near impossible. thanks and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: WTB: Magnum parts

So only NOS parts will work on your build? You may be bumping this thread a while...

Re: WTB: Magnum parts

I know I've got a Magnum pedal tensioner, might have the wheel tensioners too. Not NOS, but not garbage either.

email me if interested...


Re: WTB: Magnum parts


edit..anything will do..i just realized how much more complicated this build will be without an open mind..:D

bukwheat, will email u right now

Re: WTB: Magnum parts

apoca lypsis /

hey less!

Juast build a magnumtomos!!! this will be way easier!! lol

toget the all the parts..will be pain in the ass! specially here in canada!!

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