FS or WTT: Honda MB5

so I just recently bought this bike from derekblkblk and just decided that i'm going to move to portland in the next few months and now I won't be able to bring this with me... downsizing. Nobody has offered me anything locally so i'm willing to sell (i'll entertain most offers) or trade for a kitted magnum (yea I know I said downsize but ya know how that goes)... i'd rather have money to help me move and such...

70cc polini

21mm dellorto phbg w/matching intake

homoet pipe

upgraded reeds

still has key for ignition and everything... all lights work, brakes are good and shifts great... will come with red fairing too. new battery as of a few weeks ago and headlight bulb.

tach needle is broken in half and speedo is sticking but can probably be remedied. I'm not happy that I have to sell this since I had been wanting one for a bit --- got it --- and now I have to get rid of it... I want it to go to a good home!

would like to deal locally, otherwise you pay all shipping charges.


Re: FS or WTT: Honda MB5

offers are welcome!

Re: FS or WTT: Honda MB5

bump... no offers?

Re: FS or WTT: Honda MB5

Tate in Madison /

Damn that was just on ebay like a minute ago.

You literally just got it didn't you?

They are cool someone will buy it.

Re: FS or WTT: Honda MB5

yeah it didn't sell on ebay so I am puttin' it out there for MA... at a big discount :) someone is coming to look at it in an hour so I will update if they buy it.

Re: FS or WTT: Honda MB5

Tate in Madison /

Oh I thought you bought it off of ebay.

Good luck with the sale.

Don't suppose it came with any extra parts did it?

Re: FS or WTT: Honda MB5

naw... and it's sold.

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