FS: Vespa Piaggio SI

1980 Vespa Piaggio SI. Nice original example of a rare SI. $300 gets it.

Moped Army gets first shot, then it's off to craigslist.

Starts right up all the time. new points/condenser/fronts and rear tires and tubes/decompression cable.

Ride is smooth and comfy.

needs mirror and taillight.

cleaned carb and tank/new stone fuel filter.

goes 30mph.

Idle is a little touchy. sometimes it idles great/sometimes high/sometimes low. sometimes it stalls at idle, if you throttle real quick it catches and idles fine for a while. I think it is the crank seal or the spring in the rear clutch.

Westerville, Ohio


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Another Pic


Re: FS: Vespa Piaggio SI

and Another Pic


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last one


Re: FS: Vespa Piaggio SI

ah man, right when i made my post selling a si for the same price and in ohio. boooo on you, sir. booooo

heres a bump, good luck with the sale!

Re: FS: Vespa Piaggio SI

Hey Tom,

Gave you a free bump.

NICE Barn find.

Hope you do well on your sale!

My niece is in college in Akron!

not into mopeds though.

My nephew is though, westerville is a great place to ride.

PBR is on me if I see you at a rally!

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.

Re: FS: Vespa Piaggio SI


hey joe, we should meet up and ride sometime. im in gahanna.

comfortably numb....

Re: FS: Vespa Piaggio SI

Sounds Good,

Me and wade where just talking about you.

He saw my kriedler and mentioned you.

My G3 is down right now, I gotta change the trans gasket.


Update on the SI,

Rear clutch springs are fine. It just sticks sometimes. Just wants to be ridden.

Cleaned the tank,petcock and carb again.

took care of the idle issue.

This thing needs a good home.

It wants someone to ride it.

Re: FS: Vespa Piaggio SI


we should have a kreidler ride, johnny2stroke has one too. wade is certainly welcome to ride one of my extras.

Re: FS: Vespa Piaggio SI


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