FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Alright, someone take this away for $875. I need money and this is a steal (win-win). Email me if you are interested: bhelsten@gmail.com

-e50 (case matched and rebuilt with new seals, needle bearing race crank, and bearings by Nate at Motomatic).

-65 Metrakit, ported by Nate

-21mm motomatic intake

-21mm Dellorto PHBG

-3 shoe race clutch

-techno boss

-K&N filter

-EBR fork

-new shocks

-custom reupholstered seat

-really nice powder coat

-snowflake mags

-spotless tank

-new tires, grips, pedal, etc, etc, etc,

-motocross bars


Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Awesome price. I wish I was out on the west coast man.

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Bump for a beautiful bike.

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

) Cupermcnewbster ( /


Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Nice seat, can you show a close up of it?

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Yes please pics of the seat mounting!!

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Thanks guys. This is the moped army price...make no mistake about it. Someone is going to make out like a bandit.

RE: the seat, I dont have close up aesthetic pics (i will post some), but here are some pics of how I did the mount:

First, move the seat post up (had to put new bolts in from the top prior to recovering the seat).

Second, I drilled some holes in the felder/frame (farther back), then drilled some holes throw four rubber plugs/stoppers from the hardware store, then threaded bolts through with steel sleeves in-between. So, SEAT > STOPPER > SLEEVE > STOPPER > FRAME/FENDER...with a bolt going through all of it. It is super duper solid and I havent touched it since the day I didi it. I does not teeder move at all. Plus, the plugs are like skateboard bushings and dampen the bumps (ever so slightly :) Here are pics of what I just described:


Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Hey Ben, how bout you sell me your magnum instead?

Did you move to SF or something? Gonna be hanging out here for a while? We should go riding some time.

Gimme a call or something.

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

Hey andy, no ont he mag, yes on the move. I am here til August. let's blast. I'm at 24th and shotwell. where's u?

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

really? :(

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

DUDE, I'm at 24th and Bartlett, we're neighbors! Yaa, blast time.

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

You can check out my motorcycle, I don't think I ever realized how rough moped suspensions are.

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)


Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

I still can't get over how those pictures look like they have been selectively colored. SO WEIRD.

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

suuuch a nice moped. and it definitely is a steal at that price compared to all the money and work you must have put into it. wish i was rich so i could buy it

Re: FS: Fast Maxi (SF)

anyone? (please dont make me part this thing out).

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